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Weekly Re-cap & Schedule Update
by posted 04/20/2021

Hi Parents,

I've had a fun first week getting to know your daughters! They're such a sweet and funny group! A few quick updates:

1. Keep an eye on our game schedule as we have had two game dates changed (per request from the other team). Check the schedule out frequently in case we have had any additional updates.

2. I switched practice this weekend from Saturday to Sunday - mainly because of the rain this week. Riley parents will be excited to see we were able to get Centennial #3 on Sunday. If you can't make it - no worries, just please check Yes or No in your email reminder so I have an idea of how many players we will have for practice.  

3. This week we have been working on throwing to a target, moving our catching hand to the target, and holding a bat properly and keeping our eye on the ball. This week we will work more on the basics and also start catching with a partner, learning field positions, throwing to first base and hitting coach pitched balls. 

If we do not see you Wednesday, I hope to see you this weekend! Have a wonderful week!

As always, please let me know if you have any questions! 


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Games Schedule Posted
by posted 04/13/2021

Hi parents! 

It was so great to meet the girls yesterday and I had so much fun with them! 

This week we will be working on fielding, catching and throwing with real balls so please make sure your child has her fielding face mask on Wednesday and Sunday practices this week. Sunday we will do some throwing/catching but mostly focused on starting coach pitch hitting so players will need their batting helmets on Sunday, as well. 

Also GREAT NEWS! Our schedule has been posted on the site! Games start on May 15th. It looks like there are no consistent days but we do have 2 games per week. We will also have 1 practice per week when games start and I'll start scheduling them soon. You can view upcoming games under our Schedule. As always - just use the reservation system to let me know if your daughter can or cannot make a game or practice. 

If you haven't paid for the jersey screenprinting fee, please Venmo Coach Jocelyn $4 at If you don't have Venmo - please bring cash to our next practice. 

Let me know if you have any questions!


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