Arlington Heights Youth Athletic Association (AHYAA) offers youth baseball, youth softball, youth football and cheer-leading to the kids of Arlington Heights, IL. Sign up dates, registration, travel teams and general information about youth baseball, sof

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**  Manager Hotline - (847) 870-0082.  Managers/coaches may call or send a text to the hotline 24/7.  The manager hotline is available for any problems with a field, issues with field boxes, equipment issues, and general questions (other than scheduling).  **  


**  If you have an issue with physical conditions (e.g. missing base posts, holes in the infield/outfield, etc.) at any fields located in Arlington Heights (including Melas), plase send an email to describing the issue. For any issues regarding field boxes please notify Michele Holifield at or use the manager hotline number noted above.  **


Softball Commissioner - Dan Blumenfeld at or (847) 987-9712 (cell).

Travel Program Coordinator - Gina Meyer at

Coach Pitch League Rep. – Al Marchetti at or (708) 826-1453 (cell).

Juniors League Rep. – Rob Kanabay at or (773) 551-7135 (cell).

Majors League Rep. – Dan Blumenfeld at or (847) 987-9712 (cell).

Varsity League Rep. – Dan Blumenfeld at or (847) 987-9712 (cell).

Umpire Coordinator (Juniors and Majors) - Mark DeFilippo or or (847) 436-8825 (cell).

Umpire Coordinator (Varsity) - Harold Morton at or (847) 404-3048.

Equipment Coordinator - Michele Holifield at or (847) 870-0081 (AHYAA office).