Arlington Heights Youth Athletic Association (AHYAA) administers multiple baseball, softball, lacrosse, football and cheerleading programs in Arlington Heights, IL. Registration and general information about each program is available on our website.




Arlington Heights Youth Athletic Association (AHYAA) is a registered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization whose origins date back to the 1950s when the Arlington Heights Park District Little League program outgrew the Park District’s resources. Our Board and our sports programs are managed and coached by local volunteers including parents, grandparents and community members. Our mission is to offer access to affordable, participative, recreational sports in a fun environment where new friendships are formed, positive reinforcement is encouraged, and skills are developed.  

We offer a variety of baseball, softball, football, lacrosse and cheerleading programs, tournaments, camps, and training year-round. Our programs include AHYAA House Leagues, as well as Travel and competitive teams across all our offerings. A number of our programs have Distinct branding including Arlington Attack Lacrosse, Arlington Cardinals Baseball, Arlington Cowboys Football, Arlington Cowboys Cheer and, KR Fastpitch Softball.

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Board of Directors

  • President - Erik Oiler
  • Vice President - Ben Bizub
  • Treasurer - Ben Olson
  • Secretary - Adan Roura
  • Bob Ciccone
  • Ed Bjes
  • Mary Judge
  • Matt Izenstark
  • Natalie Heins

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Program Directors

  • House Baseball - Ben Bizub
  • Travel Baseball - Matt Izenstark
  • House Softball - Natalie Heins
  • Travel Softball - Ben Olson & Firas Hasan
  • Lacrosse - Erik Oiler
  • Football - Mike Nevel
  • Cheer - Rosanna Beemer
  • Umpire Coordinator - Senior League/High School/Varsity: Dan Koutris
  • Umpire Coordinator- Majors/Minors/Juniors: Daniel Koutris
  • Umpire Coordinator - Softball Varisty: Dan Blumenfeld
  • Umpire Coordinator - Softball Majors/Minors: River Nevel
  • Cardinal Baseball Tournament Coordinator: Ben Bizub
  • KR Tournament Coordinator - John Klopp
  • Fundraising Coordinator - Amy Finney

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Code of Conduct

AHYAA has adopted a Code of Conduct for ALL players, parents, spectators, coaches and managers. AHYAA expects all to abide by these guidelines and the rules set forth in the associated program's rule book to ensure proper sportsmanship at all levels of our association.
The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to promote teamwork, the ideals of good sportsmanship and discipline in order that the participants may enjoy the learning process of playing team sports. As leaders, it is our responsibility to show our participants the proper way to win and lose, with dignity and self control.
Managers and coaches are selected by the league commissioners with the approval of the AHYAA Board of Directors. Such selection is conditioned upon the manager adhering to all rules and policies of the AHYAA.  Managers are responsible for the conduct of the parents, players, spectators and all coaches of his/her team. A manager or coach selection may be suspended or revoked by the Board for violations of the rules and policies.
AHYAA rules and policies apply to ALL parents, players, spectators, coaches and managers as outlined in the associated program's rule book. Examples of prohibited conduct are listed below, but are not limited to just these examples.

  1. Profanity
  2. Violence
  3. Any display of bad sportsmanship
  4. Threatening of any player, coach, manager or umpire/referee
  5. Arguing with the umpires or referees. Judgment calls are not subject to any discussion or comment (for example, balls and strikes, safe or out, fair or foul)                                    
  6. Allowing or encouraging uniform violations
  7. Throwing of equipment of any kind
  8. Any confrontational behavior

Any infraction or alleged infraction of the Code of Conduct should be reported immediately to the League Commissioner. Infractions will be dealt with upon review of all parties involved and penalties will be imposed by any of the following: League Commissioner, Director of League, or the AHYAA Board if needed.
Penalties for such offenses will range from a verbal warning, a single game suspension, or a multiple game suspension. For extreme cases, immediate and indefinite suspension or expulsion for the person/s involved. Repeated violations by any manager may require that the manager be removed from the team and/or suspended from future team manager opportunities. 
Managers have the ultimate responsibility of the team they have been selected to manage. As such, they have the most control over all the situations listed above. The Code of Conduct should be reviewed with all parents and players at the start of each program season. An additional reminder of the Code of Conduct expectations during the program's season will help ensure that all parties are following the rules set forth in the program's rule book and with this Code.

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Arlington Heights Youth Athletic Association (AHYAA) is a registered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization. Generous support from local residents and businesses, promotes our organization’s mission and directly benefits youth athletics in the Arlington Heights community.

Here are some of the ways to support AHYAA:

  • Support AHYAA with a one-time or reoccurring tax-deductible gift 
    • Monetary donations by check can be made payable to AHYAA
    • Equipment or supplies
  • Advertise your business on our website
  • Become a tournament sponsor
    • AHYAA hosts several major tournaments each year that attract hundreds of participants and spectators from around Northern Illinois.
    • Tournament sponsorship may include opportunities for advertising on banners, tents/booths, welcome packets, participation t-shirts or tournament awards.
  • Sponsor a league or All-Star game
    • League sponsorship may include advertising on team jerseys, participation t-shirts, camp/clinic support or various league awards. 
    • Sponsorship applications cann be found by clicking our HOME icon then clicking on Documents and Forms.

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The Arlington Heights Youth Athletic Association (AHYAA) Scholarship Program is a very important aspect of our organization’s goal to provide access to youth sports for the Arlington Heights community. We want young residents to have opportunities to learn or continue playing baseball, softball, lacrosse, football and cheer even when financial or personal hardship affects a family. Each league season, with Board approval, AHYAA will review scholarship applications to reduce or waive registration fees for players that need financial assistance. AHYAA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with limited funding available for assistance, consequently no guarantee of aid is implied by this program.

Application forms are located in the Documents and Forms section of this website - AHYAA Scholarship Form


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