Arlington Heights Youth Athletic Association (AHYAA) administers multiple baseball, softball, lacrosse, football and cheerleading programs in Arlington Heights, IL. Registration and general information about each program is available on our website.


Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • What is AHYAA?
    • Arlington Heights Youth Athletic Association
  • What sports does AHYAA offer?
    • We offer a variety of baseball, softball, football, lacrosse and cheerleading programs, tournaments, camps and training year-round. Our programs include AHYAA House Leagues, as well as travel and competitive teams across all our offerings. A number of our programs have distinct branding including Arlington Attack Lacrosse, Arlington Cardinals Baseball, Arlington Cowboys Football, Arlington Cowboys Cheer and KR Fastpitch Softball.
  • Are you affiliated with AHYBA?
    • No, while the names are similar, our organizations are not affiliated with each other. AHYBA is the Arlington Heights Youth Basketball Association and they offer girls and boys basketball programs. You can find them at
  • Is AHYAA affiliated with the Arlington Heights Park District (AHPD)?
    • AHYAA is an independent, volunteer organization, separate from the park district. We rent playing fields and facilities from the AHPD and work closely with them on issues pertaining to the fields/facilities. AHPD is responsible for the general maintenance and upkeep of all fields/facilities. 
  • Who is eligible to play in AHYAA programs?
    • We offer various programs for kids, teens and adults. In some cases, non-residents of Arlington Heights may be assessed a small non-resident fee depending on the program. A non-resident is defined as anyone who lives outside of the 60004 and 60005 zip codes. The purpose of a non-resident fee is to support access and availability of our programs to Arlington Heights residents in accordance with our organization’s mission.
  • How do I register to participant in an AHYAA program?
    • Registration for all programs is available on-line.
  • What are the registration fees?
    • Each program has its own registration fee requirements. Visit the Registration tab and the associated program to learn more.
  • What does the registration fee cover?
    • Field and facility usage
    • Team equipment
    • Umpires and referees
    • Insurance
    • Program administration
  • What insurance am I paying for?
    • AHYAA programs include supplemental insurance coverage for participant injuries that occur at AHYAA practices and games. 
  • What are the age groups for each league?
    • Each league and sport have different age group structures.  See the associated program webpage for more information.
    • House programs through 8th Grade are structured by the grade level, not age. For example, Coach Pitch Baseball or Softball covers 1st and 2nd Grade boys and girls.
    • Travel programs are generally structured by age, not grade level. For example, 10U or 12U designates the maximum age of participants in that league.
    • High school leagues cover Freshman through Seniors.
    • Young adult leagues may include Freshman in high school through adult.
    • Senior leagues are generally 18+ 
    • Other programs, such as football may include weight guidelines in addition to age or grade structures. 

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Website Questions

  • How do I update my account or family member's account?
    • As a member, first log in to the site. You'll see an option menu for, 'Edit My Account.'  Click that, and you can add family members.  If you click on a member name, you'll be able to update member contact information.
  • How do I reset my password?
    • To reset your password, go to the home page of the website and click the Sign In link in the top right corner of the page. Next, click the "Forgot Password" option in the resulting drop down. Enter your email address on the next page and submit this to receive a password reset link via email. Once you receive the email, click the link in the email. Enter a new password in the form and submit to save. You can now return to the website and login with your email address and the password you have just set.
  • How do I add another email address to my account?
    • Go to Edit My Account Info. When entering parents', you might enter a home address for one parent and a work address for the other. That way, messages and notices will be sent to each. Just separate each address with a comma, for example,,
  • How do I turn on/off email notifications?
    • Go to Edit My Account Info. In your account check the No Email option to turn off email notifications and you will not be included in any Email Broadcasts sent from the site.
  • How do I turn on/off text messages?
    • Go to Edit My Account Info. Enter the Provider: The dropdown to the right of the cell phone field can be used to specify your cell phone carrier. After you make this selection, all broadcast email messages, including schedule change notices sent from the site will also be sent to your cell phone as text messages. So now if an event is canceled while you're on the road, you'll know about it right away.
  • How do I create a combined schedule for my children who are on different teams or leagues?
    • On your team page, go to Multi-Schedule to select and combine multiple schedules

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Volunteer Job Descriptions

(Jobs and job responsibilities are subject to change and may not be applicable to all sports. Refer to the registration form of the associated program for more information)


    • Parent/guardian elects not to participate. $100.00 fee assessed for each registrant
    • Responsible to work 3 shifts of 2 hours each (6 hours total) between mid-March and mid-August at AHYAA office.  Other jobs might include distribution / return of baseball/softball equipment and or baseball / softball uniform distribution. Some lifting is required. Sign-ups for Equipment hours will begin in February.  A variety of hours including evenings and weekends are available.
    • Assist at the beginning of the season (before games start). Your responsibilities will be to inspect field boxes with respect to lock and box conditions, and to ensure that each box has the equipment necessary to start the season. At the end of the season you will be responsible for emptying and cleaning the box.
    • Responsible to work 2 shifts of 2 hours each or 1 shifts of 3 hours Hours: M.W.F. 1 - 4 PM – April thru mid-May. There will also be some Saturday hours available. You will help with uniform preparation and uniform distribution, plus other jobs as needed.  Special Projects include:  Open house worker, league special events, picture coordinator, and other projects as assigned.  Sign-ups for hours are located on the website under Volunteer Signup.
    • Responsible for working with the league and picture vendor to coordinate team picture day. 
    • Work to obtain sponsorships from businesses in the Arlington Heights and surrounding community.


    • Responsible for coordinating/delegating all team activity. Organize and run practices, teach fundamentals and sportsmanship and develop pride NO TEAM GUARANTEED.
  • COACH 
    • Responsible for helping manager at practices and games. Will take over in the absence of the manager. May be called by the league and asked to manage rather than coach. NO TEAM GUARANTEED.
    • Responsible when your team is the home team to prepare the field for play.  This includes placing the bases and striping the field. Training provided.
    • Responsible for keeping score for your child’s team during the season.  Training provided.
    • At the team manager’s direction assist with team duties. This could include coordinating names on uniforms, organizing team parties, trophy pick-up.
    • Responsible for sending team highlights, scores, and pictures to the league social media coordinator.

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