Arlington Heights Youth Athletic Association (AHYAA) offers youth baseball, youth softball, youth football and cheer-leading to the kids of Arlington Heights, IL. Sign up dates, registration, travel teams and general information about youth baseball, sof

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• What is AHYAA?
    o Arlington Heights Youth Athletic Association  

• What sports do AHYAA offer?
    o  Boys Baseball, Girls Softball, Coach Pitch Baseball, Lacrosse, Cowboys Football and Cowboys Cheerleading 
    o  AHYBA offers Girls and Boys Basketball and can be found at 

• Who is eligible to to play in AHYAA?
    o Any boy or girl that is an Arlington Heights resident can join AHYAA programs.  Non-residents are eligible to join football, cheerleading, house baseball and softball, and travel softball for an additional non-resident fee.  A non-resident is defined as anyone who lives outside of the 60004 and 60005 zip codes. 

• How do I register my child to play in AHYAA?

  • Registration for all programs is available on-line.

• What are the registration fees?
    o Fees are located in the Online Registration tab. Select grade and scroll to the program to see the fee.
• What does my registration fee cover?
    o Field usage
    o Team equipment
    o Umpires
    o Insurance
    o Program Administration

• What insurance am I paying for?
    o supplemental insurance - secondary coverage for injuries that occur at AHYAA events

• What are the age groups for each league?
    o All leagues through 8th Grade are by Grade, not age. 
    o Coach Pitch: 1st and 2nd Grade Boys and Girls
    o Boys Baseball and Girls Softball
        - Juniors covers 3rd & 4th Graders
        - Majors covers 5th & 6th Graders
        - Varsity covers 7th & 8th Graders
        - High School League covers Freshman through Seniors     

• When does the AHYAA season start
    o Baseball and Softball manager’s meetings are at the end of March, and Games will start at the beginning of May
    o Coach Pitch manager’s meeting is in April, and games will start mid-May
    o Please reference the Events Calendar tab above for specific dates for each program

• When should I expect to get a call about the team my child will play on?
    o Managers are given rosters at the Managers meetings, so expect to be contacted by your child's manager within a few days after the Managers’ meetings. 
    o Remember that Coach Pitch starts after all other programs, so please check the events calendar for correct information.

• What days are games played?
    o All leagues are scheduled to play every day of the week.

• Where can I find a practice field for my team?
    o Practice fields are assigned the first two weeks of the season, then after that it us up to each manager to find an open field to practice on.

• As a coach, can I kick others off of my scheduled field for a practice or game?
    o No. Arlington Heights has an open field policy so no one can be officially kicked off a field as an AH tax payer, but please work it out with the individuals to come up with a compromise to make it work for both parties. 
    o Everyone should honor any scheduled games and vacate a field at least 45 minutes prior to the start of any game so the field can be striped and prepared. 

• What equipment should I expect to supply for my son or daughter?
    o Gloves, Batting Gloves, Bats if you so choose, baseball cleats (non-metal for most levels, metal cleats are allowed in the High School & Senior Leagues) Protective cup for boys. All players are asked to supply their own batting helmet.

• What equipment does the league supply?
    o Each team is given different size bats, catchers gear, (4) batting helmets (softball only), (3) bases, (1) pitching mound, (1) home plate, (4-6 ) practice balls, (12-24 ) game balls. 
    o Team bats are provided in Softball and COach Pithc levels.
    o Each field has a game box which includes (3) bases, (1) pitching mound, Sparkle to stripe the foul lines and batters box, string  to help stripe the field, Turface to help prepare a field for a game after rain. 

• When/where should I use turface?
    o Any time there has been rain and there is standing water on the field. 
    o Standing water should be removed from the field prior to applying the Turface. 
    o Turface should only be used on non-field surfaces after the playing field is in playing condition first. Please use a limitited amount of turface when prepping a field, as it does not promote good drainage over the course of a season.

• Where can I get more turface?
    o There is a trailer full of turface at Frontier Park that should only be used if necessary. 
• Is AHYAA affiliated with the Arlington Heights Park District?
    o AHYAA is an independent, volunteer organization. We rent playing fields from the AHPD and work closely with them on issues pertaining to the fields. AHPD is responsible for the general Maintenance and upkeep of all fields. AHYAA members are asked to help in the upkeep of all fields before and after each game or practice.

• Is AHYAA affiliated with AHYBA?
    o Although we share a similar acronym and name, AHYBA covers only Basketball and is not affiliated with our organization. 

 How do I deal with non-AHYAA sponsored Teams that are occupying fields when I want to practice or have a scheduled game?
    o Occasionally you may arrive at a field that is being occupied by a team not affiliated with AHYAA. AHYAA has an agreement with the Park District that our games have precedence on field usage. All other teams need to have a permit for field usage for games. Its recommended that you ask to see the permit. If it clearly identifies use on a day that your AHYAA team also has been scheduled, you need to contact your league representative or commissioner immediately.

• What takes precedence, house baseball or travel baseball
     o During the months of June and July, AHYAA sponsors Post Season All Star teams at the Junior, Major and Varsity levels. In all cases, house team practices and games take precedence over Post Season practices or games. 
    o Players are not allowed to participate in House League games if they are on a full-time travel team.