Arlington Heights Youth Athletic Association (AHYAA) administers multiple baseball, softball, lacrosse, football and cheerleading programs in Arlington Heights, IL. Registration and general information about each program is available on our website.




  1. Any umpire who reports to a game site must be paid.  For any game which is started, umpire receives full fee.
  2. Cancellations must be made not later than 4:30PM for games scheduled to start at 5:45PM, 6:00PM, and 6:30PM.  All other starting times, cancellations MUST be made at least 1 ½  hours before scheduled game time.  Cancellations thus made are guaranteed without fee.   
  3. Cancellations made other than in Item #1 / Item #2, require payment of 50% regular fee.
  5. Rescheduled games must be given to the assignment chairman at least 48 hours before rescheduled game time.  Emergency reschedules (on an umpire available basis) MAY be accepted by the assignment man, but without less than 24 hours notice.
  6. Your umpire (s) has been instructed to put his full name in your scorebook.  Please assist us by having your scorekeeper present the book to the umpire (s) just before, or just after ground rules discussions.  Please NO NOT ask the umpire (s) to sign the book after the game.
  7. During times of inclement weather, the “home team: manager is in charge until the first pitch is made  He may cause a delay in starting time to work on the field, for up to thirty (30) minutes on his own initiative.  for longer periods, the consent of the umpire, and the visiting manager must be secured.  The umpire must wait, but if agreement is not secured after thirty (30) minutes, the game must be postponed and rescheduled. Remember once started, the umpire is in charge, and a full game fee is due.
  8. Members of Sports Officials Services are expected to be gentlemen and we expect you will treat them as such.  Managers are expected and will be required to control the conduct of their players and spectators.  Unsportsmanlike conduct by players and spectators may cause a game to be forfeited.  Manager should remember that ejection may result in automatic forfeit if there is no other adult member of the team present to take charge.
  9. Any complaints relative to umpires would be taken up with your officer in charge, who, in turn, if he feels it advisable, will discuss the matter with the umpire assignment chairman.
  10. Any deviation from the Official rule Book, which must be administered by an umpire, must be covered in ground rule discussion prior to each game.  If the deviation is not covered at this time, the Official Rule Book will apply.