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       1.        Indicator
       2.        Plate Brush
       3.        Umpire shirt supplied by A.H.Y.A.A.
       4.        Appearance -- look professional
       1.        Ground rules
       2.        Out - of - play barriers
       3.        Teams to hustle between innings       
       4.        Questions on rules
       5.        Keep everyone from behind backstop
       6.        Crash rule
       7.        Carry a 3” X 5” index card and use it.
       1.        Hustle at all times.
       2.        All hit balls, move out toward pitcher’s mound.
       3.        All calls should be loud and assuring -- sell you call.
       4.        When runners are on base -- stay in center of field.
       5.        Balls hit to outfield in the air -- get out as far as possible.
       6.        Fair ball, signal only -- foul ball, signal and shout, “Foul Ball”.
       7.        Dubber hit on first or third baseline -- stick with the ball before moving out to the
                  center of field.
       8.        Watch runners, if possible, (making sure they tag each base) emphasis on the
                  lead runner.
       9.        Watch for proper tag - up on fly balls.
      10.       Move teams along between innings.
      11.       Get into a good position behind the plate     
      12.       If possible, make decisions at a dead stop.
      13.       Keep the game, the players, and yourself under control.
      14.       Do not make premature calls.
      15.       Keep your eyes on the ball at all times.
      16.       If you miss a call, bear down and get the next one right.  It is bad enough to make
                  one mistake, so NEVER try to even them up.
      1.         Chalk is fair territory.
      2.         Home plate is fair territory
      3.         Fair / foul
                  a.         Ground ball -- base determines.
                  b.         Fly, line drive, or pop-up beyond first or third base, the chalk line   
                  c.         Follow the above rules -- the position of the fielder does NOT determine
                              fair or foul
                  d.         Hit ball that strikes first or third base is a fail ball regardless of the
                              position of the base.
      4.         Out of play
                  a.         Ball determines
                  b.         If fielder’s momentum carries the ball to the out-of-play area, the
                              ball is considered out of bounds.
      5.         Overthrows -- Two (2) basic rules
                  a.         On the first play by an infielder, the runners, including the batter, move
                              up two bases where they were when the ball was pitched.
                  b.         On all other overthrows the runners move up two bases from where
                              they were when the ballleft the fielder’s hand.
      6.         Pitched ball in well is a strike, if the pitch meets all the other requirements.
      7.         If the home plate has a black edging, the black portion is not a part of home plate.
      8.         Pitch must have a six to twelve foot arch, suggest using the batter’s hat as a
      9.         Pitcher must have one foot on the mound and both feet within outside edges of
                  mound and present the ball for one second before pitching to the batter.
          10.   When a runner is passed by a trailing runner, the trailing runner is automatically
          11.   Batting out of order
                  a.         If error is discovered before turn at bat is completed -- correct batter
                              comes to the plate.
                  b.         If improper batter completed turn at bat and defensive team appeals
                              before the first pitch to the next batter, the improper batter is out.
                  c.         If improper batter completes turn at bat, and defensive team appeals
                              after the first pitch to the next batter, there is no penalty and the
                              game continues.
           12.  If the batter drops the bat normally, the batter is notout if a hit ball strikes
                  the bat.           
           13.  The batter - runner must run on the foul side of the baseline while running
                  towards the base.
           14.  When a batted ball hit a runner standing on base, the runner is not out.       
      15.       When obstruction of the defense occurs, the play continues.  When interference
                  occurs on the offense, the play ceases.