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Please be aware that most of our baseball / softball parks are located in residential neighborhoods.  As such, we most all be respectful of neighbor's private property. 
Please do not allow warm-up areas to encroach or run into private areas, and be award of keeping brothers and sisters our of nearby yards, bushes, etc..  Parking on adjacent streets should be only in unrestricted areas and not encroaching on private driveways.
As before, directors of A.H.Y.A.A. sports reserve the right to deal with behavior detrimental to our program.  The enjoyment, growth, and development of our players are the chief priority.  Win at all costs coaches, abusing of officials and overbearing styles with players to not have a place in our program.
Manager, please REMEMBER the conduct of your team (Players, coaches, and fans) is your responsibility, and any major problems in this area should be addressed with your league representative.


AHYAA Code of Conduct

The A.H.Y.A.A. has adopted a Code of Conduct for ALL players, parents, spectators, coaches and managers. The A.H.Y.A.A. expects all to abide by these guidelines and the rules set forth in the annual rule book to ensure proper sportsmanship at all levels of our association.

The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to promote teamwork, the ideals of good sportsmanship and discipline in order that the participants may enjoy the learning process of playing team sports. As leaders, it is our responsibility to show our participants the proper way to win and lose, with dignity and self control.

Managers and coaches are selected by the league commissioners with the approval of the A.H.Y.A.A. Board of Directors. Such selection is conditioned upon the manager adhering to all rules and policies of the A.H.Y.A.A.. Managers are responsible for the conduct of the parents, players, spectators and all coaches of his/her team. A manager or coach selection may be suspended or revoked by the Board for violations of the rules and policies.

A.H.Y.A.A. rules and policies apply to ALL parents, players, spectators, coaches and managers as outlined in the annual A.H.Y.A.A. rule book. Examples of prohibited conduct are listed below, but are not limited to just these examples.

1.) Profanity,
2.) Violence,
3.) Any display of bad sportsmanship,
4.) Threatening of any player, coach, manager or umpire,
5.) Arguing with the umpires. Judgment calls are not subject to any discussion or comment.
These include balls, and strikes, safe or out, fair or foul.
6.) Allowing or encouraging uniform violations.,
7.) Throwing of equipment of any kind.,
8.) Any confrontational behavior.

Any infraction or alleged infraction of the Code of Conduct should be reported immediately to the League Commissioner. Infractions will be dealt with upon review of all parties involved and penalties will be imposed by any of the following: League Commissioner, Director of Baseball/Softball, or the A.H.Y.A.A. Board if needed.

Penalties for such offenses will range from a verbal warning, a single game suspension, or a multiple game suspension. For extreme cases, immediate and indefinite suspension or expulsion for the person/s involved. Repeated violations by any manager may require that the manager be removed from the team and/or be taken off the list for future team manager considerations.

Managers have the ultimate responsibility of the team they have been selected to manage. As such, they have the most control over all the situations listed above. This Code of Conduct should be handed out to all parents and players at the start of the year. A reminder of the Code of Conduct during the season will ensure that all parties should comply with the rules set forth in the rule book and with this Code.