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PRE-SEASON:          Attend umpire clinics as scheduled.
                                    Provide Chief Umpire and Umpire Coordinator with availability.
                                    Review rules, especially changes.
SEASON:                   Umpire games scheduled in a professional manner.  This includes the following:
Arrive early. 15-30 minutes, and have all necessary equipment with you.
Control the game from the very beginning including during your pre-game conference for which you should carry and use a 3” X 5” card with your notes on it so that all points are covered.
Set the tone for the game by being specific and clear in this conference.
Start each game on time.
Control the game -- but remember the game is for the girls.  Don’t assume anything.
Look the part with proper dress.  Respect can be earned but a  first impression can work to your advantage. .
Wear the league supplied shirt.  Wear real shoes.  Your job requires quick moves on rough or loose ground.  Sandals or thongs are unacceptable.  Barefoot is unsafe and is strictly forbidden.  Shorts are not encouraged.  If worn in cases of extreme heat, they must be a dressy as possible.  Cutoffs or short shorts are not acceptable.
Any shirt worn when the league shirt is not available (and this should be a rare exception) should be a plain solid navy shirt with sleeves.  Shirts with comic pictures and or sayings are distracting and detract from the image of someone in control.  Long hair should be tied back or a hat worn.
Managers have to be allowed to vent their spleen once in awhile.  An occasional moan regarding a call can be easily disregarded.  Do not accept continuous complains that will only detract from fun which the girls are there to have.  The managers have been advised that the best time for them to discuss such things is between innings and at that time in a respectful and respectable manner.  If a discussion takes place during the play of the game each team is allowed one and only one participant.  If a team has more than one involved, stop the discussion and ask the offending team to rectify the situation. If they do not do so immediately, their team forfeits the game. ENFORCE.
Know what teams your relatives are on.  Call them to find out if you don’t know. DO NOT umpire a
a game in which you have a relative playing.
You must not only not be biased but all of your actions must look unbiased.  You will be doing games
where your friends are involved.  Do nothing that looks like you favor one team. DO NOT spend time
standing around one teams bench area before the game.  Stay at the backstop and act as impartial as you can. DO NOT enter into friendly discussions with members of either team during the game.  Nothing may
be wrong -- but it will look wrong and that leads to hard feelings and creates an atmosphere for calls
being questioned.
The umpire coordinator keeps a  list of all games, where they are being played, who the umpire is.  If you change an assignment immediately let the Umpire Coordinator know.  If you are ever in doubt if you have a game or not or don’t know where it is being played just call the coordinator and he will be able to tell you.  He will be kept current on all rescheduling. Plan ahead.  If you have trouble rescheduling a game don’t wait until the last minute to let someone know about it.
On game days call the Umpire Coordinator between 5:00 and 5:30 to verify that you will be at your assigned game. For Saturday games a call on Friday or early Saturday will do.