Arlington Heights Youth Athletic Association (AHYAA) administers multiple baseball, softball, lacrosse, football and cheerleading programs in Arlington Heights, IL. Registration and general information about each program is available on our website.


Rescheduling Games

  1. Make every reasonable effort to get the field in playing shape.  Sometimes a few bags of turface will make the field playable.  Games at Melas and Recreation West (High School field) are called by the Park District.  Managers do not make the call to cancel a game at those fields - the park district does.
  2. Home team manager makes the call to cancel the game but do consult with the visiting manager.
  3. Call the ump coordinator to cancel the umpore AS SOON AS you cancel the game. DON'T wait until the last minute. The ump coordinater's information is listed below.
  4. Inform all of your parents that the game has been cancelled.
  5. Home team manager contact your league rescheduler (preferably via email first). Each league is assigned a rescheduler, please check the list below for your league rescheduler.
  6. She/he will look for an open field and reschedule using FIRST available date.  If you are short players for that day, call the league borrower for your division. All phone numbers are on your league page.
  7. Notify the opposing manager and your parents of the rescheduled game.
  8. The rescheduler will update the website with the correct information.  Managers need to verify that the website has been updated since that is the official source of game information.
  9. Once you have a rescheduled game, home team manager needs to call the ump coordinator to get the rescheduled game on the umpire schedule.  If you don't call, you won't have an umpire.    It is strongly suggested that managers check with the umpire rescheduler again prior to the game to be sure an umpire has been assigned.
  10. Games generally will not be rescheduled except for weather.  All exceptions to the rule must be approved by your league representative.

Umpire Rescheduling

  • Juniors: Contact Daniel Koutris as soon as a game has been canceled and email: when a game has been rescheduled to get an umpire assigned.
  • Majors - High School: Contact Randy Steines as soon as a game has been canceled and email: when a game has been rescheduled to get an umpire assigned.