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1.    Make every reasonable effort to get the field in playing shape and play the game if possible.  CPS and Juniors can play on the grass if it is not too wet.  Sometimes a few bags of turface will make the field playable.  Note that games at Melas Park may be called by the Park District in cases of extreme weather (thunder and lightning).  The Melas hotline (847-577-3003 ext 6) will indicate whether or not this is the case.  If the weather is bad, but the Park District hasn't closed Melas, it's your call on whether to play the game.

2.    Home team manager makes the call to cancel the game but should consult with the visiting manager.

3.    Inform the appropriate umpire coordinator of the cacellation as soon as possible.  DO NOT wait until the last minute as umpires will get paid if they are not notified of a cancelation. Juniors and Majors Umpire Coordinator: Mark DeFilippo, (847) 436-8825, or  Varsity Umpire Coordinator: Harold Morton, (847) 404-3048,  .

4.    Inform all of your parents as soon as possible that the game has been canceled, which can be done through email, text and/or through the AHYAA website. 

5.    Home team manager will consult with the visiting team manager to identify an open date and location.  Please check the master calendar for open dates/locations.  Feel free to convert one of your practices to a game.  If you have no other options, we can move a practicing team off of a field to reschedule a game.  The home team manager will then email the league rep. (see contact info. below), and cc Andy Ryerson, to have the game officially scheduled on the master calendar.  Once the game has been scheduled on the master calendar, the website will notify all families that have elected to receive text and/or e-mail updates, but managers should also send an e-mail to their teams regarding the new date/time/location of the game.

6.    Lightning/Thunder Rules: (1) no teams may play/practice if lightning is seen or thunder is heard; (2) upon seeing lightning or hearing thunder players must leave the field/dugouts and return to their cars (or an appropriate shelter); (3) teams must wait at least 20 minutes to re-start a practice or game after seeing lightning or hearing thunder.  If 10 minutes have passed since the first lighting sighting, and then lightning is seen again, you must wait another full 20 minutes before resuming the game/practice; and (4) if you are at a facility that includes a "thor guard" system, and the system indicates the presence of lightning, teams must clear the field.  When the thor guard system determines that the lightning threat has passed, it will sound an "all clear", which consists of three consecutive four second horn blasts.  Teams may not resume play/practice until the thor guard signals the all clear.


Softball Commissioner - Dan Blumenfeld at or (847) 987-9712 (cell).

Coach Pitch League Rep. – Al Marchetti at or 708-826-1453 (cell).

Juniors League Rep. – Rob Kanabay at or (773) 551-7135 (cell).

Majors League Rep. – Dan Blumenfeld at or (847) 987-9712 (cell).

Varsity League Rep. – Dan Blumenfeld at or 847-987-9712 (cell).