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Borrowing Substitute Players

The following is a the borrowing process for the regular season:
Click link below and follow instructions. When you send an email to that list, an email will be sent to all players that can be borrowed.  Whomever is available to play will reply back to the email sent by you.  You then follow-up with that parent to coordinate (time to be at game, etc.).  You may get several responses but should take the first one.

Borrowing Team Links:

Also, please verify that the player does not have another game (e.g. the player can’t skip his/her Majors game to “play-up” on Varsity)

A few IMPORTANT notes:

  • A borrowed player must be a AHYAA house player (NOT FULL TIME TRAVEL) in the appropriate grade (3rd grader for Juniors, 4th grader for Majors, 6th grader for Varsity and 8th grader for High School).
  • You can only borrow the same player 3 times.
  • Borrowed players must bat no higher in the batting order than any regular player.
  • Borrowed players may not play in the field more than any regular team player; however, the borrowed player should be play at least 3 innings (i.e. if you have 10, don’t sit the borrowed the player 4 of the 6 innings).
  • Borrowed players may not pitch.
  • VERY IMPORTANT:  If you borrow a player, he needs to play.  If he is your 10th and the other 9 show-up, you can’t tell the borrowed kid when he shows up to the field he can’t play.
  • If you (the manager) get multiple responses, you should let the others who responded and whom you don't need know that you are all set .
  • If you have any doubt that you will have 9 players, borrow a player (or two).  If you play with 8, the ump will call an out each time that 9th player was scheduled to bat.  Don’t try to negotiate with the other manager and put him in an awkward position – that’s the rule.